Janae Raquel’s Volumizing Comb

There’s no better way to turn the volume up than with a comb! I created this comb for wash days, styling, and on the go days. Some days you need that extra fluff in your fro, and my volumizing comb will do the trick. With a little tease at the roots, your hair will stand up and do a dance.


This type of comb is great for:

  • curly to coarse hair
  • makes detangling much easier
  • even distribution when applying products
  • reduces breakage
  • separates curls

*Be sure to detangle both wet/dry hair in sections. And, when detangling hair, start from the bottom, and work you way up to the roots.

From me to you, I present my Volumizing Comb that can enhance your visual appearance! It is available for purchase here.  Engraved with: Accept Embrace and Wear Your Hair – Janae Raquel

Throw one in your bag, leave one at the office, store one in your car, and “forget one” at Bae’s house; this way, you’ll never be without!






Janae Raquel joins Faces of Fabulous for Family Dollar’s Beauty Blogger Event

I usually never check the mail unless I’m expecting a pair of shoes, a lipstick I’ve tracked down and ordered after not finding it in my local store, or just having to empty it after being jammed with Chinese menus and Dry Cleaning advertisement. This time I checked the mail, and to my surprise, I found this!




Wrapped tight, was an cute invite from the Family Dollar team. How cute is this little mirror? You guys know I am a stickler for packaging! Adorable. I should probably check the mail more often!

October 16th and 17th, I will be attending the exclusive Second Annual Family Dollar Fabulous event. Joining the VIP Faces of Fabulous team, I will be amongst the best brands in beauty, and the best beauty bloggers in the Big Apple, what’s not to be excited about?  I will have the chance to interact with premier African American beauty brands from across the world showcasing their expanded hair and beauty brands.  Who doesn’t love more for less?

I would love for you to be my +1 and stay connected with me as I live tweet from the festivities Thursday and Friday. I will be tweeting from my @janae_raquel account using tag #FamilyDollarFABNYC! For more information follow  @myfamilydollar on twitter and check out the video below!  Just a few more days!





IMG_5249With just ten more days until the Teas and Tangles Brunch, I have gotten butterflies all over again! Just like the day I announced it- I have not been able to stop thinking about it. I am excited to meet new faces, brunch, and chat with you all October 19th. Be sure to grab your tickets as the deadline approaches. You don’t want to be that ONE person waiting for the YouTube coverage lol.

The ticket deadline is SATURDAY at 11pm! You can purchase them here.  Be sure to share the link with your friends and family! This event is for both women and men, and I am sure there are tons of questions and conversations for us discuss so let’s count down together!

Once you have purchased your ticket, be sure to tell all your followers that you will be attending and so should they with our original flyer.  xoxo JR