No Heat Challenge + Benefits


I put on a new pair of shoes last night and strutted my way down No Heat Challenge Lane. I have tried this ONCE before and failed terribly. I hadn’t thought it through nor did I get my heat required looks out of my system. I had the urge to straighten my hair for my 25th birthday and I did just that. I cracked and had no shame. This time around, I am ready to see all the benefits of excluding all forms of heat out of my hair regimen. It may seem like the end of the world, but there are definitely lots of benefits when taking such a hug leap in your hair journey. All you need is the number one ingredient when dealing with your hair, and that’s patience. Create a curl cocktail on the rocks with 2 shots of patience, a drizzle of awareness, 2 pumps of moisture, and a handful of variety for a fun filled No Heat Challenge!

Last night I did a length check in the back lower “kitchen” area of my head and it measured out to be 7 1/4 – 1/12 inches. I decided to document the process along this journey for motivation- because Lord knows I will be tempted to pick up my blow dryer. My only thing I will miss will be my blow dryer. It gives me CRAZY volume QUICK although if I take my on advice with patience, I’ll be able to do the same thing over time. But, I am always pressed for time. This means planning things accordingly aka doing my hair the night before- annoying lol.


One thing is for certain, when you use any for of heat after putting products in your hair, the products have been altered. I am excited to see how my products react to air drying. I know  you guys are wondering what are some benefits of this challenge, I am here to fill you in. Grab a pen and pad to take notes.


0% chance of ADDED heat damage

This one was a no brainer right? Right.  However, with the lack of heat usage, you have no need to worry about those straight strands that throw us in a frenzy after going bone straight for date night. Heat is one less thing you have to worry about. When removing this from your natural hair regimen,  you have to highlight the concerns in other areas.  Say goodbye to heat damage and hello to texture lessons.

A chance to learn and love your texture

This no heat challenge is like a transition within itself. Not as extreme as going from relaxed to natural, but along those lines. You have to first KNOW your texture and it’s needs. See your hair for who it is without the extra added sugars.

  • Try a few new samples on your hair
  • Show your true texture – let it be free
  • Embrace the “air dry”
  • Master moisture


  • A chance to try more styles
  • Thickness will increase
  • Helps retain length


  • Less split ends
  • Less breakage
  • Less stress trying to lock in moisture after blow drying / diffusing

It is very important that you educate yourself throughout your journey. Surf the web and see what exactly your hair texture needs.

Step one: hide all of your heating tools. This includes the blow dryer with your finger on the trigger.

Step 2: gather all your heat related products and put them in a bag

Step 3: find your favorite stylers and place them front and center and be ready to be the REAL you!

Say good bye to MORNING* Wash n’ Go’s! Manage your time wisely, do your hair at night before bed.

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for my catalogue of styles thoughout my journey.

 I’ll be trying comb outs, twist outs, braids outs, bun’s, protective styles etc.

What this challenge doesn’t do:

Repair heat damage

It is very important that you remove any damaged hair before stepping in this challenge head first. You don’t want to alter your success in the long run. Take a step back, snip, and start fresh.

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Are you ready to show your true curls? LET’S GO!


So throughout the day I do a series of things. I sit at my desk and “work,” pick my friend Lashani’s brain via G Chat, research new things, plan, and create to do lists. This particular day, I sat researching how to repair your natural curl pattern.  I know some of you are thinking, WHY, your hair is perfect- no, it’s not but I appreciate your love for my mane =). If nobody knows your curl pattern, YOU DO. You notice every “minor” change and immediately want that “fix”.  I had some idea on what product I wanted to try, so all I really needed to do was watch a series of videos of results and reviews. While “working,” my research on what is my now GO TO- GET IT RIGHT AND TIGHT curl pattern is as follows- grab a pen, screen shot, and forward to a friend in need of some get right.

I have found a fix a flat for hair that brings it back to life. On your road to recovery whether it is color damage, or heat damage, this is definitely a must buy. It’s called the ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. I got this in my COCOTIQUE + Hype Hair box and I couldn’t be more happier with this blessing. One, the beauty supply store was closed, and two, Target was out of the way.


In the natural hair world, minor is major, and one pack means two, maybe three. Right? Right! So the packet says 2 applications. WHO DID THEY THINK WAS USING “one” of these in this dilemma? NOBODY. I used BOTH of these packets. One on one side of my head, and the other application for the rest. I immediately saw it taking action. It wasn’t a harsh smell, had a smooth consistency, and glided on my freshly washed and detangled hair with no problem. See side by side images for with and without the product below:


I wouldn’t say I have color or heat damage, I just haven’t been happy with my curly fries. They needed a few pushes and shoves in the right direction. We all have that one product that gives us those curls-  and I used it, and they were not it at-all. I knew that ApHogee was my go to product for many reasons. I’ve seen many snap back results, but there is another ApHogee treatment out there that is a 2 step protein treatment (which I didn’t use). I posted about it on Instagram and everyone said it stunk, it works, yet sticky,  or was something they recommended I go to the salon for. But the key words I was looking for were “IT WORKS.” I was sold. I did further research on the difference between good keratin, bad keratin, and the two step protein treatment. It is very important that you use products effective for YOUR hair dilemma. After realizing that my hair didn’t need the strengthening 2 step protein treatment, and that it may even snap my curls I did have into crushed onion rings, I passed. I read the back of the Keratin packet and it was just what I needed. It seemed like the perfect prescription for my hair cold.

Here’s what my curl pattern was looking like frizzy, dry, stretched and blah!

It looked like a good hair day, full of “volume,” yet to me it was full of nvm lol.



This is what it looks like now





Happy camper!

With this particular blend of keratin amino acids, it is designed to restore elasticity, softness, and repairs heat, color treated, or chlorine damaged hair. Sounds like the perfect cup of tea and I needed every sip. I also loved how it says “Recommended for weekly use until hair feels and appears healthy again.” THIS is how I knew it was safe and dummy proof lol. No crying, no snapping, and no praying to the Curl God’s for help. I had it covered and my curls are looking like new money!

HAIR FACT: When your hair reacts to the protein, it fills in the empty gaps your hair has. It continues to build the foundation of your hair for up to 6 weeks after* your treatment.

If you choose to do the two step treatment, please read the instructions carefully. I haven’t used it, but from doing research, I realized these few gems.

  • Make sure your hair is free of any products before using
  • Do not apply with a towel on your shoulders, you hair will get stuck while drying step one.
  • Use a spray bottle, this application is watery. (The keratin was a cream)
  • Have a A-1 moisturizing conditioner handy, because your hair will NEED it.


When it was all said and done, locked in all the moisture after applying my Deva Chan Heaven in Hair with Nancy’s Kitchen oil, I used my blow dryer on cool heat, created a pineapple without the elastic, and headed to bed.

I rate this a 6/5 . I will be buying the bottle as soon as I get off work today!

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please reply below or Tweet me so we can chat ! @Janae_Raquel

Wishing you the best of luck on your road to recovery!