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Treat me Treat me! Scalp Spa Day using Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir

There’s no other way for me to describe my itchy scalp without being dramatic. Lets just say, I don’t have flees, I just need to be treated. It was wash day Monday, and my scalp was on E. It had been through its daily slick back, sloppy bun, and finally, the day had come. I had stretched my comb over look alike purposely for my special delivery, Lisa’s Hair Elixir. This line was created to promote healthy hair growth in a 4 step curl cocktail.


Before any and all processes, I detangle and section my hair to prevent shedding or breakage while maneuvering. I started with the dynamic duo “fortifying scalp spray + restoring hair oil“, I separated my hair into sections using clips to expose my scalp. Using the spray, My first focus was on my problem areas- my sides, and crown. Not only are those the driest spots, they’re the sensitive spots on my head.


Picking up the spray, I immediately read what it was used for, opposed to just knowing it was something to relieve my over due scalp. It has ingredients like cedar leaf to soothe the scalp, camphor oil to stimulate blood circulation, and rosemary oil, to strengthen the scalp. LIFESAVER! When the spray and my scalp met, I could hear the choir singing!


Tipping over the oil onto my scalp using the nozzle, I felt it the oil running along my scalp soothing those problem areas. It was almost like the cherry on top. I then gave my scalp a pick me up by massaging it all in activating the Basil Oil which is an ingredient that promotes circulation, along with Peppermint Oil, and Clary Sage that I learned moisturizes and soothes itchy irritated scalp.


 Allowing this to settle in, and take its course, I washed dishes, and began to go through my products that I am sure I won’t be using any more in preparation for Saturday’s product swap. Starting from the scalp, and working my way down the strands, I made my way to step three- shampoo! This shampoo was a shocker. It lathered! I literally did the Home Alone jaw drop mid wash! I’m used to a co-wash situation. You know, the soak up, section, rub, and rinse. Not today! The shampoo, sulfate-free of course, has a about two handfuls of ingredients that I was just happy I didn’t have to chuck down as a supplement. I don’t need any more surprises. Although it lathered, I didn’t have much detangling to do prior to conditioning. The shampoo glided down my hair like water on windows.

The conditioner? It was a complete match made in heaven. Although the spray and the oil were pumped up with relievers for the “Itch and Co.”, the conditioner set it off! I am a stickler for a conditioner that makes my scalp feel like its breathing. I had a moment- a moment to exhale. I feel like my scalp sang a song. After reading the label, I realized that it is filled with oxygen and omega for hair growth. That’s all I needed to see, it basically told me, it has a voice of its own. How clever!


 Products used (in order):

All of these can be found at CarolsDaughter.com and Ulta.com !

The only way to get healthy, beautiful hair is to nourish your hair through all three phases of growth—from deep inside the follicle, along the scalp, and all over the hair strand. –Carols Daughter


Flexi Rods on DRY HAIR using only two products!


Every time its time to install flexi-rods, it has been on wet hair with a gel who knows what else. And every time, I HATE IT. The curls are stife (short), have a little crunch (ew), and seem to never last more than 2 days. This time, I changed the game, and set the bar. After fully cleansing, treating, and drying my hair, I began my Monday night project. I usually, set the cam up, and get to work, but I had no time for this to be a failure.  Once I was done, I regretted not recording, because as you can see I fleeked it!


Starting on completely stretched dry hair, only using TWO products, I sectioned my hair into medium sized pieces pinning the rest back.  It is important when drying that you don’t use a high heat. That will remove all of the moisture from your previous step (cleansing + treating or co-washing). I dried my hair on med-low temp in a waving motion, followed by a low heat to stretch it with the comb attachment.

I used Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Nourishing Conditioning Styling Butter +  Mimosa Hair Honey.  The secret to perfecting extra-dry and parched strands is this intensely hydrating and restorative creamy butter. The blend of Jojoba Oil with Shea Butter and Agave Nectar deeply conditions your hair to make it stronger, softer, and more manageable.  As for the Mimosa, its a pomade that smoothes edges, controls frizz, and most importantly, provides a sweet shine!

Using a dime size of both products ( I really mean it, DIME SIZE), I applied the butter then the pomade. When using both the styling butter and the pomade, you want to make sure you’re distributing it evenly throughout the strands with either a paddle / Denman type brush, or comb. After you simply install your rods (I used the orange set), figure out how to sleep (I haven’t mastered that yet), and separate your curls in in the morning to your desired level of volume, and rock out! My hair is very light weight and has more bounce than an ounce! Definitely doing this again!

As for my night time routine, I simply take each curl clump, comb through it, apply a little* butter for hydration/ to remove frizz, and flexi-rod again. I personally, did this look for the Holiday. So by the time Thursday came, I could decide if I wanted to completely Dianna Ross it (fluff these curls), or leave it at the Monroe stage (pictured). Its now Wednesday, and its totally Dianna for tomorrow.

If you guys try this look, be sure to tag me or tweet me your results!

PS. There will be a video coming soon if you’re a visual learner.