When standing in a room surrounded by curls, coils, and colorful personalities, what more can you ask for? The “Luv & Learn Your Hair Tour” made its final stop in New York on Wednesday,  and I had the opportunity of covering the social outlets including this one. By following a simple hashtag #LLYHTour allowed those from home to stay up to speed with the event provided by Hairfinity and Carol’s Daughter.

Hair is a culture, and in a room full of women with different hair stories, who either currently embrace their look, or showed up to learn how to embrace their look, is a gift. Over time, you must learn to love your hair, but in the mean time, have a little fun with it; add a little color, style it, have a little fun with frizz.  On stage there were a handful of personalities, and a bundle of locks and love. The panelists included the talented Ty Alexander (@GorgeousInGrey), Tameeka McNeil-Johnson (#TheCurlWhisperer), Style and Beauty Editor of The Huffington Post, Julee Wilson (@MissJulee),  Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, and Nakeesha Smith (the host).


Understanding the mission behind #LLYH, Taren has spread awareness to women all over the world. It makes you sit and think, “what inspires me?” The #LLYH experience was one for the books. Witnessing two live big chops, listening to women promote identity, wanting to challenge and embrace their look, and allowing women to have a voice to be heard is very rare.  This was an opportunity that has opened the gates for many women who did not love their hair when they walked in, but left the event glowing.

While sitting next to Michaela Angela Davis, we chatted about touching your hair when uninvited, and she said, “I can usually feel their intention.”  I totally agree with that. You can feel the energy through a persons presence along with an assumption on what their intentions are; and we came to an common ground where we have a zero tolerance for random paws in our hair.

Locked in sending out the #LLYHTour tweets !!


If you missed this event, don’t worry, we’ve got it all on tape.  Press play!