VERDICT: Sisi Nike / 25 / Permed – Converted back to the creamy crack

Hair strengths & weaknesses?

My hair is thick, healthy and versatile. I can wear it straight and I can still do my wash and go’s even though I have a perm. My slick summer look is actually my favorite. I guess my hair weakness now that I have a perm is keeping it moisturized, especially in the winter.

Why do you have your current look?

I went from natural to a perm because a perm was easier for me to maintain. I stuck with a short cut for that same reason. I work out a lot and I find that my hair is much easier to manage when it’s permed contrary to popular belief. My natural hair was just becoming too much of a workout (no pun intended) to wash and straighten and I had to ask myself a question: I take all this time to flat iron my hair so it’s bone straight and looks like I have a perm, why not just get a perm?


What’s a wash day look like for you? How often to you wash your hair?

When I was natural, I would only co-wash. Now that I have a perm, I shampoo my hair and also condition it with the same products I used when my hair was natural. Since I’m active in the gym, I wash my hair 1-2 times a week depending on how rigorous my workout was and how much I sweat my hair out.

Brand based or product based? (Do you use a variety of products or stick to one specific brand? What are your top 5 faves?)

I like to stick to the following brands: Nairobi Wrap-it-Shine Foam Lotion, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, Organix Coconut Milk and Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner, Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise


When did you discover who your hair was?

I’m still discovering my hair. I never want to be bored with it. I always want to be able to shock myself with the things that I can do with my hair. My hair is forever changing.

Who wins the battle? You or your hair? I definitely win the battle.

Embarrassing hair moment?

I was due for a perm but didn’t have time to touch it up so I tried to just slick down my hair in the back with Miss Jessie’s Baby Butter Creme and it was an EPIC FAIL. My hair started to flake and it looked like I had dandruff on my neck and shoulders. TERRIBLE.

One style you HAD to have growing up?

I had to have my Chinese bang with my high bun. I tried so hard to grow my hair out healthy and long just so I can do the high bun and have blunt bangs.


What is natural to you?

Natural is a great way to finally see yourself and all your glory. Natural is a great way to announce your crown. Being natural is a wonderful thing but it is NOT everything. Natural is a choice, no different or better than any other hair choice.


WHY ARE YOU YOUR HAIR? (How does your hair reflect your personality?)

I am my hair because I’m constantly growing and changing. My hair is a way to express my mood and outlook on life. I’m a fun person and for this reason, I love to have fun with my hair. I’ll take risks. My outlook on my hair: “Cut, cut, cut and cut while you’re not bald and you still can. It’s just hair, it’ll grow back.”


One word to describe your hair? Edgy

Tips or words of encouragement ? Embrace the hairstyle that best suits your face AND your lifestyle. I find it so sad when women say they can’t workout because of their hair. Make it work for you!


Bonus info:

I had a perm for the greater part of my life. I did my first big chop in 2007 but wasn’t technically natural because I put a texturizer in my hair. A year later, I went back to having a perm because I messed up my curl pattern trying to hot comb my hair to straighten it. I had a perm from 2008 till December 2010 and I did another big chop but this time, I strayed away from the chemicals and went all naturale. I grew my natural hair out from TWA to shoulder length hair over the course of 2 1/2 years that got so bone straight it looked like I had a perm. Once again, I messed up my curl pattern and could only wear my hair straight. It looked great but I just felt like I might as well get a perm and cut down the time it takes for me to do my hair.